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I created StreamOpener for two reasons: Twitch lacks solid multi-stream capability, and most multi-stream websites don’t have any sort of Twitch integration to pull your follower list in ( had this, but it’s also no longer maintained).

With StreamOpener, you connect your Twitch account, and StreamOpener does the rest. It pulls your live streams into a list which you then can select as many streams as you’d like from. Then, choose one of the supported stream viewers, and StreamOpener will navigate to the page for you.

StreamOpener is highly customizable. You can create custom teams using streams from your following list to filter your results by what you want to watch. I hope you’ll find the high customization to be fun to use and more evolved than Twitch’s following page.

StreamOpener is free and available to everyone. If you feel like supporting me, I would kindly request a Twitch subscription.

Size: 25.5 MB
Version: 3.0
Published: February 22, 2022

I have comments disabled on my site, but if you find any issues, please report them here!

Version History:

3.0 – UI overhaul (AGAIN)! Stream previews appear in a scrollable window. Choose from your followed streams or Top Twitch streams. Auto refreshing capability and desktop notifications added. Ability to filter results by Twitch tags added, and additional customization around tags included. New websites to choose from for viewing.
2.2 – Added the ability to filter specific streams, games, or game-stream combinations
2.1 – Fixed an issue where Twitch’s API only returned the 25 live streams with the most viewers. Added settings to hide thumbnails, change selection styles in listboxes, and to create/manage Teams of streamers, which allows you to filter your live list by only people on each Team. You can also rank the priority of each streamer in a Team, which will determine the order in which they are shown.
2.0 – UI overhaul! You can now refresh the stream list without having to start the app over, stream previews are generated in the window to better help you decide what streams to watch, and added menus for reporting issues.
1.2 – Fixed streams launching incorrectly if the user’s display name was in a language other than English, and fixed an issue where the window would behave strangely if your following list had fewer than 2 streams live
1.1 – Added support for and fixed issues with emojis in stream titles causing fatal crashes
1.0 – Initial release