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My interest in learning this game started at AGDQ 2018. I was already watching a lot of runs by Dram, Krankdud, and dbx. At AGDQ we had just discovered the clip into the box in Luncheon Kingdom, and a bunch of us were brainstorming consistent setups for it. When I got back from AGDQ, I decided that would be my next 12 Hour Challenge game. The result of that 12 Hour Challenge, and a few more runs afterwards, is this run.

I had a lot of fun learning things about this game. I don’t think I would ever be able to take it seriously, but the vast amount of movement options make this a fascinating speedrun. Even though it’s plenty of minutes off of the world record, I am very happy with the amount of stuff I did learn to be able to get this time. Check out my run of Super Mario Odyssey here.

Moons, give me strength!

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