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Rockman 4: Burst Chaser X Air Sliding is an insanely fast-paced romhack of Rockman 4. The general movement mechanic is, as the name implies, an air slide. Burst Chaser was another romhack that sped up Rockman’s movement significantly. Combining the two yields this lightning speed romhack. The music is also noteworthy, with Daytona USA standing out as a personal favorite. Watch my PB here.

bcas owns

I also ran this game at AGDQ 2016 in a race with Garrison. I am fairly certain I pb’d in the practice room with a 26:19, but I didn’t have any recording equipment with me or plans to even record anything. Thus, my personal best remains the video linked above. We were both deathly ill during the race. That’s about all I remember. Speaking of the AGDQ race with Garrison, here is a link to that run:

We were both so sick that day… but bcas still owns.

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