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A few days after JRTA 3 ended successfully, RaindropDry was in a pickle. His run of La-Mulana was accepted into Awesome Games Done Quick 2017, but he needed a way there. As a runner from Brazil and a student, the funds simply weren’t there for him to attend. Just as we were putting a wrap on JRTA 3 and calling it a success, I decided we had to do something to help RDD as well. Thus, we came together as a group again and held the RaindropDry Fundraiser marathon on barely a few weeks notice.

We raised $2,000 over the two-day event (December 17-18, 2016), and RaindropDry was able to run La-Mulana at Awesome Games Done Quick 2017! The marathon itself was a tight-knit, community affair. It could have been called RDD and Friends, as nearly every runner in the event is a close friend of RDD.

Check out the runs of the RaindropDry Fundraiser here.

Here is RaindropDry’s run of La-Mulana from AGDQ 2017:

Challenge the ruins.

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