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Twitch to deprecate streaming

San Francisco, CA – In another major step forward for the popular streaming service, Twitch announced today their intention to deprecate streaming entirely. The last day to stream on the popular service will be September 30th, with servers stopping ingest at midnight Pacific time on October 1.

After being bought by Amazon in 2014 for $970 million, the once innovative gaming streaming website which touted a smooth, ad-free experience on mobile and desktop has become a mockery of its former self; an overly monetized, ad-ridden and unmoderated disaster.

“Recognizing that the only way out at this point is to pull the plug on streaming was a key step in moving forward. Deprecation is the name of the game, no pun intended,” said CEO Emmett Shear. “We’ve announced the removal of popular features in the past, such as hosting, communities, and a favorable 70/30 revenue split for our top streamers, but if we’re going to be an innovator, we need to think even bigger. This is literally the most popular thing we could deprecate. By taking this step, we can avoid all this streamer drama and move on with our lives. It’s a gamble, but it’s absolutely brilliant. I wish we thought of it sooner,” he added.

The decision resonated with developers we spoke with.

“I don’t think we’ve developed a meaningful feature in 8 years,” said one Twitch developer, who asked to remain anonymous. “The only features we develop these days are ways to squeeze more cash out of teens’ parents’ wallets. Who would want to work on this?”

The move affects some 8 million streamers on the platform, who now have less than a month to figure out where they will go next.

“I’m moving to Mixer,” said popular Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. “Oh wait, that doesn’t exist anymore? I’m going to need my topless wife to make me two sandwiches to get over this.”

When asked where streamers could express their concerns about the decision, CEO Emmett Shear said, “We’re always listening. Don’t forget to come to TwitchCon this year!”