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2013. A simpler time before speedrunning evolved into some combination of randomizers and eSports. After having participated in the Number SMW marathon as a donation reader and host, I was compelled to try hosting an event of my own. This one-day event that took place on November 23, 2013, featured games beginning with each letter of the alphabet (save for a few significant stretches). No charity was involved, and the runs were purely for the community to enjoy. You can tell I wasn’t prepared for everything because we experience all sorts of marathon fun like frame drops and almost falling asleep by the end.

The experience I gained from this led me to create and organize the JRTA marathons from 2014 to 2017, which raised thousands of dollars to help bring several Japanese speedrunners to Awesome Games Done Quick to compete in international races. Check out these runs for a blast from the plast!

Speedruns from A to Z, held November 23, 2013. This was my first attempt at organizing and running an online marathon.

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