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What can I say about JRTA 3? The pre-show format was still in limbo. JRTA had The Sluip Show, JRTA 2 had Scramble, and JRTA 3 had Jackbox. We never really did seem to settle on an appropriate pre-show format once The Sluip Show retired. I really enjoyed this JRTA because it featured a rather unusual list of games. Highlights included, but were not limited to:

  • The Umihara Kawase block, featuring a four-player race
  • 0xwas and Nero in their trash-talk filled Mario Party 2 minigame coaster race
  • Games like WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game, Ultraman Ball, and Sylvan Tale getting the spotlight
  • The unforgettable hype that was the SimCity four-player showdown
  • Double-digit participation from Japanese runners in the event, highlighting how much JRTA had been truly connecting the Japanese and non-Japanese scenes
  • …and much, much more

When all was said and done, JRTA 3 raised $5,624.82 to help bring Suzuri and zzzhonki to Awesome Games Done Quick 2016. Our total money raised for the three JRTAs up to this point had exceeded $20,000. That’s unfathomable to me to this day. You can watch JRTA3 right here.

And here are the Japanese participants’ runs, sorted by runner, performed at AGDQ 2017.

Suzuri and zzzhonki:

Suzuri and zzzhonki each participated in the four-player Kirby Super Star race. True to his name, zzzhonki nearly missed the race, as he was sleeping right before the race. It didn’t seem to affect his performance, though.


Suzuri raced Kirby’s Dream Land 3 against SwordsmanKirby at AGDQ 2017.
Suzuri was a participant in the Donkey Kong Country relay race.

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