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Following up on the unbelievable success that was the first JRTA, JRTA 2 was the quintessential sequel. There were some noticeable differences this time around:

  • The Sluip Show was no more šŸ™
  • The stream backgrounds were a gradient I threw together in GIMP.
  • People started slacking on attendance to their runs… and that meant emergency Zooming Secretary shenanigans featuring Puchie D and me.

Despite these faults, JRTA 2 succeeded! We raised $5,508.20 to help bring Becored and Ohon from Japan to participate in Awesome Games Done Quick 2016. There were plenty of positives, too:

  • Scramble pre-show on IRC
  • 0xwas wearing maid costumes for his runs
  • The closest Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past race of all time
  • The fan-favorite race of Super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts with Dice and Malcome
  • …and so much more

Check out all of the runs in this playlist of JRTA2!

And here are the Japanese participantsā€™ runs, sorted by runner, performed at AGDQ 2016.


Longtime friends Becored and Aquas faced off again in Gimmick! They have a long history of racing this game in marathons.


Ohon raced Iongravirei in Castlevania III at AGDQ 2016.
Ohon also put on a show in Mega Man 6. His marathon time of 35:19 has yet to be matched on the GDQ stage.

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