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One of the limitations of OBS’ built in image slideshow is that its random function “puts the cards back into the deck” so to speak. I wanted to make an image shuffler that doesn’t do replacement. This could be useful for a bunch of different things. In my case, I use it to pick random courses in Mario Kart without duplicating the tracks. It could be used to play bingo, for instance, with each number being its own image file.

As always, check the readme for some caveats. For instance, I’ve only tested this program on Windows 10 and I used png images only. No guarantees that it will work if you mess with too many factors since this is a simple program.

Image Randomizer is the latest in visual randomization technology.

Image Randomizer is free and available to everyone. If you feel like supporting me, I would kindly request a Twitch subscription.

Image Randomizer
Size: 7.59 MB
Version: 1.00
Published: February 22, 2022

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