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Announcing the first ever GoldenCon!

Join me every day starting Friday, October 30th, and running through Monday, November 16th, as I do first playthroughs of a variety of games on my Twitch channel. As you know, I’m not a full time streamer, but I do have a few weeks of PTO to burn. Since I can’t travel to the countries I really want to visit, I’m going to enjoy the part-time-full-time streamer life and knock out a few games from my backlog. I’ll also be using this opportunity to try to raise money for charity.

Hopefully I’ll see you in chat if you are reading this. The truth is I’ve buried my head in my work the last few years and grown distant from many of the friends I have in this community. I hope these few weeks give me an opportunity to reconnect while playing games that are new to me.

I’m also considering doing another one of these in December as well, but we’ll see how the first one goes.


You can view the schedule here.
Everything on the schedule is subject to change based on how long each game takes me to complete.


You can view all the donation incentives and make a donation here.

Note: Even though GoldenCon doesn’t start until October 30th, donations are being accepted now! Get your early donations in for file names and the bid wars.

I’ve decided to raise money for Direct Relief’s covid-19 efforts. Some games have file name incentives, while Fire Emblem has a poll for which house to play, and Pokemon had a bid war for Pokemon Black or Pokemon White.

Convention Space

At GoldenCon, we’ve spared no expense to bring you the best gaming room, complete with 12 stations:

Due to covid-19, all of our tournaments, as well as the game room itself, have an entry cap of zero. I’m looking forward to all the gaming that won’t take place in this very room throughout the con!

Is every game played at GoldenCon a first playthrough?


Really? Super Mario RPG? Majora’s Mask?


Oh, wow. Okay. That’s cool. I’ll be there.

Thanks for your continued support.