Here are links to various coding projects I’ve developed.

This is my personal GitHub page, where I have uploaded all of my coding projects.

Projects available on my GitHub:

StreamTicker allows image/text pairs to be displayed in a rolling fashion, much like you might see on a news program’s bottom third. This is highly customizable and allows you to import your own images and messages. It can even read files to obtain content for the overall message. You can download StreamTicker here.

Authorize your Twitch account to allow this program to fetch the currently live streams that you follow. Choose as many of them as you’d like to watch, and a site to watch them on, and it will send you there. Download StreamOpener here.

An extremely customizable chat bot for your Twitch server that integrates with Pastebin, Twitter, WordPress, Mario Maker, and more. You choose how flexible it is by changing a few settings files, and away it goes!

Splatoon Scoreboard
A somewhat abandoned project that can be used to show game/set scores of a Splatoon match. I plan on cleaning this code up and making it more usable in the future.

Pokemon TCG Card Tracker
Pokemon TCG Trainer Tracker
These are simple trackers for the Pokemon Trading Card Game on Game Boy.
They are also hosted on my website by clicking here.