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The 12 Hour Challenge is a biannual, online speedrunning event that anyone can join. The concept is simple: pick a new game to speedrun, then spend 12 hours learning as much as you can about that run, such that you can complete your first run in the 12 hours. The challenge started as a way to get new people into speedrunning, while having veterans explore something out of their usual pool of games.

Current Challenge Info:
12 Hour Challenge #14
“Speed Dating”
February 4-6, 2022

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There are many interpretations of what exactly the challenge entails, but ultimately it is up to each participant to make it their own. Some like to learn the same game as friends and collaborate all weekend. Others fly solo. Some games have plenty of documentation and tutorials to guide you. Others are waiting to be routed. Will you grind practice right up until the end of the 12 hours and try to produce a strong first run, or will you just be grateful to complete a run at all? It’s all up to you!

The 12 Hour Challenge has been around since July 2015. Though there’s no official pattern to when they are announced, there’s typically one in the winter and one in the summer.

Past Challenges:

EventOriginal DatesEvent DetailsSubmissions
#13October 15-17, 2021“Halloween Spooktacular”View participants
#12 February 26-28, 2021 “Better with Friends”View participants
#11September 11-13, 2020“Released in my birth month”View participants
#10February 28-March 1, 2020“Randomizer”View participants
#9August 2-4, 2019“As Seen On TV”View participants
#8February 15-17, 2019“Let ’em roll!”View participants
#7July 27-29, 2018“Now for something completely different…”View participants
#6February 2-4, 2018“Set in Motion”View participants
#5August 4-6, 2017“Tag Team”View participants
#4February 10-12, 2017“Remake, Remaster, Reset”View participants
#3August 5-7, 2016“I can speedrun it anywhere!”View participants
#2February 5-7, 2016“A console I don’t usually play”View participants
#1July 3-5, 2015“12 Hour Speedrunning Challenge”View participants